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Do you struggle with employee issues?

Hey, we get it. Dealing with HR issues and complex employment law can be a real hassle. Especially when you’re running a small or medium sized business, trying to juggle everything can feel overwhelming, and hiring an internal human resources team just isn’t cost effective. But don’t stress! That’s where we fit in. We offer practical HR services tailored to your budget and requirements. So you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Offload your HR workload to our HR experts

Retained HR Packages

For a simple monthly fee we take care of all your HR needs.

HR Consultancy

Consult with our human resource experts on a specific project or issue.

Leadership Development

Enhance leadership skills, competencies and knowledge.

Employee Training

Team building, mental health, inclusivity and diversity training and more!

Are you compliant with UK employment legislation?

90% of new clients believe they are already compliant

We can help you achieve 100% compliance with HR legislation and protect your business against expensive tribunal costs.

Think of us as your own dedicated HR department

We can take care of everything HR related; from answering any day-to-day questions you might have, to safeguarding your business against legal liabilities. We've got you covered.

Get answers fast

Call or email as much and as often you like—no matter how big or small the problem—and be confident you’re getting the right answers. We have a guaranteed 48 hour turnround time (Mon–Fri).

We really get to know your business

You'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will really get to know your business and how you prefer to operate. We work with you not against you.

Who you'll be working with

Here are some of the business we already work with…