How much does it cost to outsource my HR?

The cost of outsourcing with us is calculated based on the number of employees, but prices start from under £200 per month. There is no one size fits all. Get a free quotation now.

What are the benefits of outsourcing with HR2day?

Cost savings

Outsourcing your HR function to us means that you can save on some or all of your HR employment costs, whether that’s a senior HR Manager (circa £40,000), or a whole HR department (annual cost in excess of £100,000).

It also avoids potentially costly mistakes arising from in-house gaps in knowledge and experience.

Employee satisfaction

When you outsource everything to us we take over your time-consuming HR tasks and paperwork, freeing your managers to focus on developing and supporting your people.

When we support your HR team we provide a ‘safety net’ that fills gaps in knowledge and experience, and takes away the stress of covering for team absences (e.g. through sickness, annual leave or parental leave) – our team of qualified HR professionals take the strain.

Renewed focus on business strategy

We look after your HR, freeing your managers to focus on developing and implementing your growth strategy.

Business growth

The money we save you can be reinvested to grow your business.

100% compliance with employment law

90% of new clients believe they are fully compliant – however, fewer than 10% actually are. We provide peace of mind by ensuring 100% compliance.

What can I outsource?

As much or as little as you wish. Whether you need help drafting HR documents, writing job descriptions, managing sickness and absences, investigating grievances, managing disciplinary processes, or anything else, we’ve got you covered with 2 packages:

Platinum Package

We become your HR team – providing support and guidance and delivering it for you.

  • We act as your HR function managing your day-to-day HR needs and challenges.
  • As well as telephone and email support, this package includes Zoom visits to deliver specific support e.g. to lead a disciplinary meeting or support a manager to do so.

Diamond Package

Working with your team – we provide support and guidance for your team to deliver.

  • We work with your named contact equipping and supporting them to manage your day-to-day HR needs and challenges.
  • Support is delivered by telephone or email.

How long does it take to get me set up and what’s the process?

It can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months to get everything in place. We work at your pace.

We use insightful questions to fully understand where you are now and what you want to achieve longer term. Only then do we recommend the most appropriate practical solutions for your business. This ensures that we not only deliver your immediate needs, but also ‘future-proof’ your HR systems, processes and support, which saves you money and time.

We start with an extensive HR compliance audit and address any gaps. Typically this includes developing a bespoke staff handbook and document pack and a practical action plan to ensure that every foundation for success is in place. We then help you implement the recommended changes.

How can I ensure quality when working with HR2day?

We deliver on time, every time and leave nothing to chance.

Our team from Administrator to Assistant are all qualified and experienced.

Your dedicated Account Manager ensures all your needs are understood and met.

Many of our clients operate in complex and specialist sectors so you can be confident that whatever your challenge we’ve handled it before.

What training will HR2day provide for my team?

Managing your HR online though our easy to use platform gives you access to all of your employee documents, holiday records and a full appraisal management system at the touch of a button. We will provide all of the relevant training for staff to be able to make the most of our processes and systems.

What hours do the HR2day team work?

We work from Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.00pm. Our guaranteed response time is 48 hours (excluding weekends). Although if it’s urgent we’re just a phone call away!

How will outsourcing positively impact my team?

When you outsource to us we free your team’s time to focus on their role including developing and supporting your people, which improves retention and increases customer satisfaction; and implementing your growth strategy helping to drive your business forward.

When I outsource what does my team do and what does the HR2day team do?

If you choose our Diamond Package we work with your named contact equipping them to manage your HR needs and challenges – we provide telephone and email support and guidance enabling them to deliver.

If you choose our Platinum Package we become your HR Team, ensuring you become 100% compliant and managing your day-to-day HR needs and challenges. Support is delivered by telephone and email and we also visit your site when needed e.g. to lead a disciplinary meeting.

How do I know that the information sent to and from my employees is secure and protected?

We’re committed to keeping your information safe. All data stored on our systems is compliant with GDPR best practice which ensures your private information is always safe and secure. For more info please see our Privacy Policy.

Can I outsource if I’m a small or medium sized business?

Yes, we work with businesses of all sizes.

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